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Your Friendly Denture Clinic Serving St. Catharines

Which dentures you choose really depends on the health of your remaining teeth and your overall lifestyle. Sam Chaarani can help explain these options to you so you can make a decision that works for your situation. Serving the St. Catharines’ community, our denture clinic then custom makes your dentures so that they comfortably fit into your mouth. We also offer same-day repair and realignment so you can keep your current dentures in good shape.

Sam Chaarani Denture Clinic provides the following denture services, such as:

  • Complete full dentures 

  • Removable partial dentures 

  • Implant-supported dentures 

  • Permanent soft liners for your extra comfort

  • Same-day repairs

  • Teeth whitening

Special Treatments

At our clinic, we have experience in a variety of treatments. The Ivocap® Injection System reduces open bite. It’s a much more accurate way of investing the dentures. When needed, the face bow transfer system can register your jaw properly in relationship to the skull, which aids in your comfort and the stability of your denture. We custom-make dentures, do relines, and repairs in our on-site lab.

We take pride in our custom work. Our patient’s comfort and confidence is our priority! So, give us a call today and book your appointment to discuss your dental needs with us.

Creating Beautiful Smiles

Creating Beautiful Smiles

We offer custom-made dentures, including implant retained dentures

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