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Gain Your Smile Back with Implant Retained Dentures in St. Catharines

When you are looking to get any types of dentures, you should turn to a denturist who takes pride in their work. Here at Sam Chaarani Denture Clinic, we believe in our patient’s comfort and confidence to be our priority! This is why when you need to replace damaged or missing teeth with teeth that look and feel the closest to your natural teeth, an ideal solution is to get implant retained dentures. Based in St. Catharines, our friendly clinic has been serving our community for over 35 years and helping you regain your confident, beautiful smile so you can get more enjoyment out of life.

What Are the Benefits of Implant Retained Dentures?

While you may debate whether the time and expense of an implant retained denture (top, bottom, or both) is worth it, you should note that most people report being satisfied with their dental implants over traditional dentures. The main reason is that an implant supported denture is quite stable as it won’t ever become loose, slip, or fall out of your mouth. A few more benefits include:

  • Being able to eat a wider range of foods than before 

  • More youthful appearance

  • Reduced shrinkage and irritation to your gum tissues

  • Reduced bone loss

  • Enhanced confidence when socializing

For relining, we offer: 

  • Nobel Biocare

  • Straumann

  • Replant Select

Not sure if implant retained dentures are for you? Please don’t hesitate to contact us and book an appointment.

implant retained dentures

What to Consider

Compared to regular or immediate dentures that rest on your gums, implant supported dentures are composed of 2 parts, including:

  • The implants, which are placed in the ridge

  • The over-denture, which is the natural-looking acrylic teeth that attach onto the implant

While the process may seem lengthy, most patients are delighted with their natural-looking, comfortable teeth. However, here are a few more aspects to take in account when considering dentures, such as:

  • They can and should be removed daily for cleaning and sleeping 

  • The implant process can take several months

Creating Beautiful Smiles

Creating Beautiful Smiles

We offer custom-made dentures, including implant retained dentures

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